Womb Twin Survivors

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Building on her unique anthology, Untwinned (2007), a breakthrough in the English language, Althea Hayton now adds this authoritative clinical work on Womb Twin Survivors. Trust this clear and captivating author, passionate scholar and organizer of research to guide you in exploring this illuminating corner of prenatal psychology.


[David B. Chamberlain, Ph.D author, The Mind of Your Newborn Baby, now in 14 translations.]


It is the first time I feel that anyone has considered my desperate struggles enough to validate them in this way. Your most in-depth and profound book is a treasure - a classic.




This book is a gift to not just the prenatal and perinatal psychology community; it is a gift to society as a whole. As Hayton masterfully illustrates, it is amazing how broadly the subject matter of womb twin loss and survival affects millions of people across the globe, and yet it is so little in conscious awareness. Her comprehensive work changes that and serves to enlighten us all on what it is to be a womb twin survivor. She has painstakingly articulated the complex processes of the development of multiples in the womb, taking the reader through the many ways twins and multiples are connected physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Hayton covers a broad spectrum of clinical research and includes fascinating firsthand accounts of those who have suffered the loss of a sibling perinatally. Hayton expertly documents the identifying psychological and physiological characteristics of womb twin loss and provides excellent direction for healing the many painful emotions and life shaping despair these survivors can share. This wonderful accomplishment by Hayton serves as a primer for those who wish to learn more about the power of the very early experiences of multiples in the womb. It is also a treasure to those who have survived such a painful loss and will help ease their loneliness and offer hope and guidance for positive and healing change. Don’t miss adding this book to your prenatal and perinatal literature. It is an essential read! –


[Patricia Lucas, APPAH newsletter]



Reading this felt like an epiphany.


[Anon, USA]



Like the often premature births most womb twins have survived, this book couldn't have come out a moment too soon! It is by far the most comprehensive book on the subject, including factual information that is fast becoming a constant reference in my healing work with this growing population. It's a revolutionary time to find in one place this much data - from our past right up to the technological minute - which strikes just the right balance between factual/clinical and spiritual/ unexplainable yet now explainable... illuminated by personal story snippets which drive home the extraordinary inner reality lived by those who have suffered such loss. Althea Hayton brings to light the undeniable patterns and issues behind this syndrome, just the awareness of which is in itself a catalyst in healing, but also remarkably offers a practical way out into healing and acceptance. This book is a great resource for figuring out one's womb story and to use as a constant reference. I highly recommend Womb Twin Survivors - it's packed!


[Monica, New York, USA]



I want to thank you most sincerely for your book Womb Twin Survivors. It has validated a lot of what I have included in my own course with my own students, and goes beyond in terms of description and example. Your book is a wonderful reference for anyone wanting to learn or understand the concept of Womb Twin Survivors, and you will and have, I am sure, also have helped the living twins immensely in understanding their perceptions and behaviors. I also want to thank you for the big awareness that I got and some vocabulary to use when talking about Womb Twin Survivorss. The words "Dream of the Womb" brought the images I have in mind to a place, in a sense.


[Diannah Benson, Vanishing Twin Syndrome: Fetal Life Perceptions Course.]



Being a wombtriplet survivor who has done lots of personal development work to try and fix myself, I was sceptical about paying out yet more money for yet another book that would just make me more intelligent but not really help me. I am glad to say having read Womb Twin Survivors , it is the best investment I have made in a long time. As soon as I began to read the book something in me just wanted to soak all the information up, because I had a sense that on a subconscious level the book was collaborating with me to home in on the issues that were relevant to my situation in order to heal them. The book introduced me to new ideas that are important to understand, for the healing process to move forward. I think this book should be read by all healthcare professionals and should be part of their syllabus.


[Andrew, Nottingham, England]


A semi-academic work that weaves great biological/physiological/psychological detail with compassion, understanding & ways in which womb twin survivors can move to healing and full-functioning. This work also offers a proven healing path. Althea's humour, intelligence and commitment to helping people heal and live full, joyful lives illuminates this book. Her womb twin work has allowed me to take huge steps forward in my own life. If you think you may have lost a twin in the womb; are in any of the healing professions or just want more insights into our "human condition" - read it!


[Andrew, Dublin, Ireland.]



I´m reading your book "Womb Twin Survivors" and I have an only thought: THANK YOU TO WRITE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! My english´s writing is so basic.) Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.


[Estefanía Spain]